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I am an Associate Lecturer at The Open University. I teach web development and a key introductory information technology module that is compulsory for all students seeking a computing and/or IT degree at the OU. I have been undertaking several action research projects; the latest of which examined pedagogical strategies for improving student interactivity in synchronous online environments. The next will examine the effectivity of using a mixture of screencasting and video in order to provide individualised and generic feedback and feedforward assessment for my students. I am particularly interested and experienced in the use of Google Apps and Moodle in education and regularly evaluate other free applications that can support learners and teachers create and apply diverse resources in and out of the classroom. Other professional interests include the use of open source software and mobile devices in education, computing education for young people and digital literacy for all.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and currently I am enjoying pursuing a Masters in Online and Distance Education as well as teaching in Higher Education having already spent several years as a teacher in compulsory education. Throughout teaching I have been working with educational technology, training and advising teachers on its use and installing and maintaining various Moodle and WordPress websites.

My interest remains focused on the pedagogically sound use of educational technology. Currently I am volunteering with for the People's-Uni helping to create open online courses in public health for use by professionals and volunteers in low income countries.

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